• Horse tricycle Horse tricycle¥****(税抜)
  • head object wood sculpture head object wood sculpture¥130,000(税抜)
  • Geometric wood panel brass frame Geometric wood panel brass frame¥198,000(税抜)
  • Aluminum Airplane Object S Aluminum Airplane Object S¥2,500(税抜)
  • Aluminum Airplane Object M Aluminum Airplane Object M¥5,500(税抜)
  • Aluminum Airplane Object L Aluminum Airplane Object L¥12,500(税抜)
  • Alminum Car Model 1920 Alminum Car Model 1920 ¥5,500(税抜)
  • Aluminum Car Model Spider Aluminum Car Model Spider¥6,500(税抜)
  • Aluminum Enpire state Bld Aluminum Enpire state Bld¥5,500(税抜)
  • Aluminium Traveler Globe Aluminium Traveler Globe¥8,000(税抜)
  • Vintage The Madalay Edition Kipling 1927 Vintage The Madalay Edition Kipling 1927¥***(税抜)
  • Vintage Encyclopedia 19thc Vintage Encyclopedia 19thc¥***(税抜)
  • Chinese Patterned Vase Chinese Patterned Vase¥***(税抜)
  • pottery tea jar coral pottery tea jar coral¥7,000(税抜)
  • pottery bottle octopus pottery bottle octopus¥4,500(税抜)
  • pottery bottle buckie pottery bottle buckie¥4,800(税抜)
  • antique wooden manequin hand object antique wooden manequin hand object¥****(税抜)
  • medicine bottle with shell medicine bottle with shell¥6,000(税抜)